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Useful Websites for Parents

The following are really useful links to a huge range of support materials for all aspects of parenting:

Parenting Support

Website:   www.parenting.co.uk 

Topics covered –

Website: www.barnardos.org.uk

  • Support for Children – Advocacy, child poverty, disability and inclusion, fostering and adoption, children in care, children in trouble with the law, mental health etc.
  • Support for parents – sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, young carers, LGBTQ advice etc.


Website: www.familylives.org.uk

Topics covered –

  • Pregnancy and birth – sleep, feeding etc
  • Toddlers and preschool – behaviour, sleep, childcare etc
  • Primary – Health and development, learning and school etc
  • Secondary – online safety, health and development etc
  • Teenagers – sex and relationships, communicating with teens, Drugs and alcohol etc
  • Bullying – bullying at school, cyber bullying, general advice etc
  • Your family – Parenting, special educational needs, fostering/adoption
  • Divorce and separation – thinking about divorce, new and ex partners etc


Internet Safety

Website: www.ceop.police.uk

Child exploitation and online protection advice, help and report centre:

Topics covered – Internet safety

  • 5-7 years
  • 8-10 years
  • 11-17 years


Website: www.thinkuknow.co.uk

How to stay in control advice and guidance:

Topics covered –

  • Instant messaging (Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat)
  • Social networking
  • Emails
  • Chatrooms
  • Mobiles
  • Gaming
  • Cyber bullying
  • File sharing


Website: www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/

Keeping children safe:

Topics Covered –

  • How abuse changes childhood
  • What children do online and through social networking
  • The risks and dangers of being online
  • Tips to help keep children safe on the internet and social networks
  • Safety on mobiles, Tablets and smartphones
  • Using apps to stay anonymous or keep secrets
  • Playing games online and how to avoid risks
  • Parental controls


Emotional wellbeing/Parent’s Mental Health

Website: www.healthwatchderbyshire.co.uk

Signposting for helpline services:

Topics covered –

  • A list of helpline services for support or advice out of hours



Rethinking mental illness, support and information:

Topics covered –

  • Services and groups (200+ mental health services 50+ support groups) From psychological therapies and Crisis and Recovery Houses to peer support groups and housing services.
  • Advice and information
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Living with mental illness- everyday life
  • Carers, family and friends – support for young carers etc
  • Advocacy


Website: www.mind.org.uk

Mental health charity:

Topics covered –


Website: www.mentalhealth.org.uk

Mental health foundation: Good Mental health for all

Topics covered –

  • Parent’s with mental health problems
  • How doe’s Ill health affect parenting
  • How can parent’s ill health affect their children
  • What can protect children’s mental health
  • Practical advice on looking after your own mental health



Website: www.selfharm.co.uk

Support and advice centre

Topics covered:


Website: www.mind.org.uk

Information and support:

Topics covered –

  • How can I help myself
  • Treatment and support
  • For friends and family – how friends and family can be supportive and get advice
  • Useful contacts


Website: www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/self-harm/

Find out how to spot the signs and what you can do to help:

Topics covered –

  • Why children self-harm
  • Warning signs – Physical and Emotional signs
  • What can you do about self-harm
  • The self-harm cycle
  • Getting help



Advice for children and young people:

Topics covered –

  • Looking after yourself
  • Self-harm help
  • Fact sheets
  • Lifestyle changes to boost self-esteem.


Readiness for school/Transition

Website: www.childcare.co.uk/information/school-readiness

Parents’ guide to school readiness:

Topics covered –

  • What is meant by ready for school?
  • How to prepare you and your child
  • Looking further ahead


Website: www.pacey.org.uk/working-in-childcare/spotlight-on/being-school-ready/

Being school ready:

Topics covered -

  • Handy resources to help prepare your child


Website: www.gov.uk/government/.../are-you-ready-good-practice-in-school-readiness

Ofsted guidance on getting your child ready:

Topics Covered –

  • Children’s readiness for school
  • Assessing children’s starting points
  • Effective involvement of parents and carers in children’s transition
  • Developing communication skills
  • Personal, social and emotional development